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    Old World, New World

    We take our homes for granted. How they’re built, what materials they’re made of and how we use them. But things weren’t always as simple as they are today. We’re taking a look back at how constructing homes and running a household have changed over time.

  • This Week on HouseSmarts

    Theory Rain Gutters

    We’re going back in time in this segment as well. I’m sure you don’t give them a thought, but gutters are actually pretty important. They preserve our homes from ruin and protect us from drips and splatters every time it rains. Turns out, they’re a really great invention!

  • This Week on HouseSmarts

    Save $60 With LEDs

    Incandescent bulbs have gone the way of the buggy whip! Learn the value of upgrading to LEDs. Join the trend toward LED lighting and learn how to save money by doing so.

  • This Week on HouseSmarts

    Deep Clean

    We want to change your attitude toward cleaning the house. Housework is, literally, a chore and exercise takes willpower and time to do regularly but when you put those two activities together, you can come up on the winning side of both. Lou talks about how to get fit, using a little technology, while keeping your home “guest-ready”.

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    Baggage Tips

    With all the changes in airline rules and regulations these days, you have to put a little work into figuring out the best way to make air travel affordable, We’re laying out the basics on baggage for airline travelers in this segment.

  • This Week on HouseSmarts

    Custom Light Switches

    We love this project! It’s a beautiful way to customize the look of a room and it couldn’t be easier. You might want to make it a project that you do with your kids. They can create a light switch cover of their own design for their bedrooms.

  • This Week on HouseSmarts

    Ask Lou Episode 152

    Do you have a DIY or home improvement question? Well, go ahead and just Ask Lou.

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