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    Treasure Hunt

    Everyone loves to score a rare piece of furniture that adds a special flare to their household, but they can be hard to come across. Rebuilding warehouses are becoming increasingly popular around the country as they are a place for homeowners and contractors to donate unwanted household items or building materials. Not only are these warehouses full of surprises, but they are very good for the environment and sustainability.

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    Baking Soda

    Baking soda is known for having a wide variety of uses, but it is truly a do it all product. Whether you are cleaning around the house, prepping a variety of foods or need to sneak an air freshener into someone in your household’s room baking soda is the answer. Watch and learn several ways to use the jack of all trades in your kitchen pantry.

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    Controlling Rodents

    Have you seen signs of an unwelcomed guest somewhere in or around your house? Getting rid of your rodent problem is most effectively accomplished with a combination of different products that Lou will go over. Your furry friend, or enemy I should say, will quickly get the hint that it’s time for them to move out.

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    Maximizing Your Kitchen

    Prior to re-designing or building a new kitchen, it is a necessity to know whether the space will be used more for entertainment or heavy-duty cooking. No matter which lies true, you will be happiest when your kitchen is maximized for ease of use and accessibility. Listen to interior designer Virginia Tesi as she gives you tips and tricks to maximize the space in your kitchen as well as going through some recent trends.

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    Power Bulb

    Tired of getting up to charge your device while you’re reading under a lamp before going to bed? There is now a solution to that, Power Bulb is a light bulb equipped with two USB ports and can turn any lamp into a charging station. With a dedicated on/off button you can charge your phone over night while the light is off, what a convenience to have by your bedside!

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    Ask Lou 205

    Do you have a DIY or home improvement question? Well, go ahead and just Ask Lou.

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