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    Western Log Cabins: Then and Now

    We’re all familiar with the typical old-fashioned log cabins from the days of the settlers, but this building style has grown and changed over the years. Modern methods are being used that transforms the possibilities of what this style of home can deliver. In this segment, we visit one of the iconic settlers cabins and then take you to some log and timberframe homes you have to see to believe!

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    Stone Surface Maintenance

    Granite and stone counters and floors are one of the most durable and lovely surfaces to have in a home but they take a little care and maintenance so we’re going to show you haw to solve small issues with stains and scuffs and how to maintain the stone surfaces in your home.

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    Architecture Across America: Hampton’s Beach House Style

    "One of the early and most iconic styles of home architecture is the New England Salt Box. As it moved southward to Eastern Long Island, it became known as a Shingle-Style home and it has grown to become a style that defines Hamptons home elegance. We’re visiting a shingle style show home featured in Coastal Living Magazine that fits the form of this style but changes things up and adds contrast, color and energy to the mix!

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    ACE Miracle Foundation Room Renovation

    We enjoyed our visit with a young lady that was in need of a “big girls room” that would make her feel like the fairy princess she wants to be.

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    You know it’s been everywhere and that’s not a comforting thought! We have a way to sanitize your phone that you will want to see.

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    Ask Lou Episode 166

    Do you have a DIY or home improvement question? Well, go ahead and just Ask Lou.

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