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    Tree Maintenance Tips

    Growing trees is great for various reasons, such as, providing shade to bringing a sense of nature to your home’s environment. Whether you’re planting new trees, growing trees, taking on tree maintenance, or tending to old trees and diseased trees, there’s a lot to consider! Andrea Darlas, arborist’s from Davey’s Trees and other tree experts have all the tree maintenance tips you need to know! We’ll be covering which healthy soils help tree growth, what healthy trees look like, different ways to treat diseased trees and sick trees to proper tree planting, and tree lifespan. Here’s a video you won’t want to miss!

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    Types Of Perennials – GardenSmarts

    Like all living things, plantings have a shelf life. Fortunately for us, there are a number of plants, like perennials, that bloom year after year without replanting. But not all perennials are created equal…

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    P Trap Replacement – Fix It In 15 Minutes

    Replacing a P-Trap under your sink sounds like an intimidating project. Don’t fear – Lou will show you how to fix it in no time!

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    Mid Century Modern Architecture

    Throughout the years, America has seen all kinds of architectural and design trends. When it comes to architecture in our culture, we usually tend to lean towards what’s new. Today, we’re going to take a step back in time and take a look at a very specific kind of architecture that was considered revolutionary in America during the 1950’s - Mid-century modern.

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    SharkBite Plumbing – Cool Tools

    Broken water pipe? No problem! With this handy tool you can fix broken pipes by yourself, even in those hard-to-reach places. Now you can you to fix or change out old or rusted pipes with relative ease.

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    Oil vs Gas Heat – Ask Lou

    Do you have a DIY or home improvement question? Well, go ahead and just Ask Lou. TOPICS: Oil vs. Gas heat; Termites in tree

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