• Carrier Green Speed

    This Week on HouseSmarts


    Heating and air conditioning systems can be the bane of your utility bill’s existence.  From outdated gear to improper installation, there are many factors that need consideration when replacing your HVAC system.  Lou spoke with the experts from Carrier for an update on the latest tech available out there.

  • CraftSmarts Leather Jackets

    This Week on HouseSmarts

    Leather Jacket Makeover

    Looking to bring life to old leather?  Before you donate that jacket, maybe consider giving it new life with some decorative enhancements.

  • FixItIn15 Dry Wall Stain

    This Week on HouseSmarts

    Remove a Water Stain on Drywall

    Stains on your walls are sometimes difficult to cover, so Lou is going to show you how to not only get rid of them, but to keep them from coming back.

  • Tools You Can Use Wrenches

    This Week on HouseSmarts

    Tools You Can Use: Wrenches

    In this installment in our “Tools You Can Use” series, we learn all about wrenches.  From the basic to the specialized, these handy “levers” give you the leverage you need.

  • HackSmarts Soda Pop

    This Week on HouseSmarts

    Soda Pop

    Add some fizz to your home improvement chores… there’s a thousand and one uses for this frosty beverage you probably never knew about.

  • CoolTools Tub Shroom

    This Week on HouseSmarts


    Hair clogs got you pulling your hair out?  Maybe you lost that heirloom ring down the drain.  Well fret no more, because we have a great solution for you!

  • Ask Lou 195

    This Week on HouseSmarts

    Ask Lou 195

    Do you have a DIY or home improvement question?  Well, go ahead and just Ask Lou. TOPICS: paint peeling off metal siding; upgrading bathrooms and kitchen for ROI;

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