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    The Home Brewer

    On HouseSmarts, we’re all about the DIY approach to things. So why not apply that theory to beer? Andrea Darlas visits a craft brewery and a team of home brewers to see what makes them tick and what gives them that “hop” in their step.

  • This Week on HouseSmarts

    Cool, Reflective Roof Shingles

    Looking to shield your home from the blazing heat of the sun? These newfangled shingles offer more design options that ever before WITHOUT sacrificing performance.

  • This Week on HouseSmarts

    Removing Paint Overspray from Glass

    If you’ve ever used spray paint, you know it can be a bit unwieldy. Here’s a fast and simple way to remove that overspray from any glass that might have been nearby.

  • This Week on HouseSmarts

    Training for the Trades

    Finding a qualified tradesperson is becoming more and more of a challenge, due to shifts in our national workforce concentration. Lou called upon one of his oldest friends, who just happens to oversee a special high school training program that’s designed to alleviate the “skills gap.”

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    Building a Bookshelf

    Getting organized doesn’t have to mean you can’t do it yourself or without style. Check out this step-by-step guide on how to create your own bookshelf, in no time flat.

  • This Week on HouseSmarts

    Sure Can USA

    Anyone who has used gasoline-powered equipment knows that refilling can be a real drag. From spilling gas on the ground to overfilling the fuel tank, this chore can be a real bore. Well spill no more!

  • This Week on HouseSmarts

    Ask Lou

    Do you have a DIY or home improvement question? Well, go ahead and just Ask Lou. TOPICS: Kitchen countertops, quartz or granite?; Fixing fungus on trees; Babyproofing and avoiding tipping; Birds on a porchlight

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