• HouseSmarts The Sunny Side Of The Street Episode 189

    This Week on HouseSmarts

    The Sunny Side of the Street (Solar)

    The discussion about alternative energy sources almost always includes solar power. So what’s actually involved with integrating this sustainable source into our everyday lives? Michael Ayala sheds some light on how these systems work, how much they cost and what’s involved when installing solar systems in your home.

  • HouseSmarts FoodSmarts Elevating Your Dinner Party Episode 189

    This Week on HouseSmarts

    FoodSmarts: Elevating Your Dinner Party

    Big or small, a dinner party offers an exciting opportunity to put together a menu that’s fun and maybe even interactive. David Greco walks us through some ideas you can use for your next gathering.

  • HouseSmarts Fix It In 15 Replacing A Refridgerator Door Gasket Episode 189

    This Week on HouseSmarts

    Fix It in 15:00: Replacing a Refrigerator Door Gasket

    Without the proper seal, your fridge or freezer will not function properly. Lou has a simple fix for this problem that you can do yourself.

  • HouseSmarts Tricks Of The Trade Episode 189

    This Week on HouseSmarts

    Tricks of the Trade

    When looking to tackle a DIY project, it’s common to be discouraged due to the complexity of the project. It’s OK, not everyone is a building professional. That’s why we have Lou, who is going to share some of the tactics he’s picked up over his years in the trades that can help take some of the intimidation factor out of your To Do list.

  • HouseSmarts Design Smarts Holiday Greeting Card Holder Episode 189

    This Week on HouseSmarts

    DesignSmarts: Holiday Greeting Card Holder

    What better way to show your appreciation for the multitude of cards you’ll hopefully receive this year, than a DIY display you can make today. Amy Howard has some interesting designs you can experiment with some basic materials and little elbow grease.

  • HouseSmarts Cool Tools Cyber Clean Putty Episode 189

    This Week on HouseSmarts

    Cool Tools: Cyber Clean Putty

    Nooks and crannies are no match for this cleaning solution. Whether at home or on the go, this handy putty is effective and fun to use!

  • HouseSmarts Ask Lou 189

    This Week on HouseSmarts

    Ask Lou 189

    Do you have a DIY or home improvement question? Well, go ahead and just Ask Lou.

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