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    A Christmas Story House Museum

    A Christmas Story House Museum in Cleveland, Ohio offers the public the opportunity to tour a preserved house that mimics the home’s appearance from the 1983 film. Not only is this a great experience to tour a famous home from the movies, it brings many people back to their childhood due to the layout and furnishings of the home. After touring the house be sure to check out A Christmas Story House gift shop across the street to really get in the holiday spirit!

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    Reducing Indoor Noise Pollution

    Reducing noise pollution in your house can be a challenge for homeowners whether you live in the suburbs or the city. Starting with noise from the outdoors, installing shades on your windows can help quiet the noise. Squeaky hardwood floors are common in many households, and Lou has an out of the box fix that might just do the trick! Another noisy area of the house is the kitchen, with one of the biggest culprits being your range hood. Best range hoods are stylish and are some of the more quiet range hoods on the market. Noise pollution is an unnecessary stress, we hope you use these tips to limit the outside noise!

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    How to Replace a Toilet Seat

    How to replace a toilet seat is quite simple, first you need to determine what style of toilet you have. You will either have to replace a round toilet seat or an elongated toilet seat. In this video, Lou demonstrates a toilet seat replacement using an elongated toilet seat. No matter what type of toilet you’re replacing, you will need the toilet seat fasteners, toilet seat screws, and the toilet seat anchor. Make sure to pay attention to the manual and don’t throw away any old pieces until the new toilet seat is successfully installed!

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    Party Planning Checklist

    A party planning checklist is important to have this time of year with all the upcoming holidays and celebrations, especially for those who are hosting, so we want to help you out! Whether you need advice on food, drinks, decorations, or invitations we have the answer for you! Enjoy the holidays, we hope this helps you hosts out there!

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    Pop Up Fire Pit

    A pop up fire pit is useful this time of the year for many reasons. This product is great if you need a portable fire pit for camping or other outdoor activities, including a portable cooking fire pit. This model is very easy to pack up and bring with you wherever you go. If you live in a cold region of the country, this product is a no brainer!

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    Ask Lou 219

    Do you have a DIY or home improvement question? Well, go ahead and just Ask Lou. Topics: Hanging a wall clock and advice for your home's resale value!

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