Today Show Ask Lou: Rusty Tools, Protect Glass While Painting and Bringing the Luster Back to Marble Countertops.

One way to keep those older tools looking new is to attach a wire brush to the end of a drill. Safely turn the drill on and begin rubbing the rusted tool sections with the wire brush. The rust should disappear as you do so. Another option is to use naval jelly to wipe rust away.

Is there anything I can use to protect window glass instead of tape when I am painting the wall around it?

Consider purchasing Masking Liquid H20 and applying the liquid to the glass. Don’t panic, it will dry clear! Then paint the wall around the window. If any paint gets on the glass, you will be able to peel the paint off once it dries because of the liquid.

I used a cleaner that ruined my marble counter tops and now they no longer shine. How can I get the shine back?

Losing the shine on marble counter tops is a common issue. I suggest getting that glossy finish back by applying car wax onto the surface. This should make the surface regain its lost shine.