Make Sure Your Holidays are Merry and Safe

We have four children, two at home and two away at college.  My wife and I so excited to have everyone home for Christmas. Our house is decorated and ready for the festivities to begin. I have also made sure that the home is safe, and you should too.  Below is a checklist of items to check off your holiday safety list.  Happy Holidays!

  1. Make sure that all your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors are in place and working. You may be burning candles, and you may forget to blow them out, so please make sure those safety devices are all set.
  2. Did you put down any holiday mats? Make sure there are anti-slip pads or double-sided carpet tape in place to keep them from slipping under someone’s feet.
  3. If you are plugging in holiday lights outside, make sure they are plugged into a GFCI receptacle. That device will trip the power if there is a short.
  4. Speaking of lights, remember that if you are using traditional tiny lights, you can really only plug in about four 100 strand light sets together before you start tripping the fuse in the lights.  If you use LED light sets, you can string about 30-40 sets together in one line.  And they use less energy too!
  5. Check the furniture.  Loose chairs can lead to Aunt Rose ending up on her behind at the dining room table.  Use wood glue and clamps to reset those parts that are shaky, and firm up those chairs.

If you live in a colder climate that is prone to snow and ice, make sure you keep the shovels and ice melt on hand to keep drives and walkways clear and ice free.  And for those that live in the south – it’s okay to laugh.