Table Talk

Getting your family speaking to each other at the dinner table can be tough.  We are all so busy that if we are lucky enough to all sit down together, many times all you’re hearing is the sound of utensils clanging against the plates.  In our home, we try to have family dinners every night, and with four children that can be tough. Those of you with teens and pre-teens, you know getting them to speak for more than 3 seconds at a time can be quite a challenge.  Our answer to this is to discuss the best things and worst things about our day. Once we are all seated, we say a little prayer, then each of us says at least three positives, and no more than three negatives about the day. Positive things like; “I got a good grade on my paper at school,” “we’re having a delicious dinner,” or “our basketball team won the game.” Now, at our house you do not have to have a negative, but you cannot pass on your turn.  It’s our attempt to not only keep us all connected, but a way to focus on the positive aspects of our lives, something I think we should all do more often than not.