American Manufacturing
— from episode #216

American manufacturing is not an industry that you think of everyday, especially if you’re living in the larger cities in the US. For Broan Nutone, US manufacturing jobs in the manufacturing industries are booming. During our trip to Broan Nutone’s headquarters in Hartford, Wisconsin, we were able to talk with hardworking employees about what they do. Colleen walked us through what she does with Broan through wall fans, Broan heaters, and Broan wall heaters as a part of her quality assurance jobs, while Nate showed us what manufacturing careers mean at Broan. We even got a peak into their brand-new manufacturing warehouse! He was sure to point out the importance of warehouse safety when it comes to production manufacturing. Check out this video to see how Broan Nutone’s employees talk about what they do on a daily basis and why they love to work there!